The Power of
Alumilite Armor

  • Aluminum is light weight, durable and non-corrosive
  • Powder coating protects in all elements
  • DOT Certified glass resists scratches
  • Customized products made specifically for your ride

About Us

Quality products at a reasonable price are all we want as consumers, right?

Alumilite Armor understands what consumers want and expect. Our Goal is to fabricate quality products for hard working people for a fair price.

Troy Katwyk, Alumilite Armor, Owner has over 35 years of metal fabrication and welding experience. He found his passion and skill for fabricating and welding at a young age. At the age of 15 he started working in a custom fabrication shop specializing in all types of metal fabrication from iron works to sheet metal. In his 20’s he went to work for a shop that was contracted to fabricate military parts and became a shop foreman. He oversaw the fabrication of various metal components used by our military such as aircraft parts and support equipment. During this time he was part of the Patriot Missile Program. He is certified mil standard 1595 A to weld aluminum, steel, stainless steel and several aircraft alloys and in several different processes such as TIG and SMAW.

As an avid sportsman and hunter Troy purchased his first UTV in 2006. He soon realized that the ride enhanced his experience because it was more comfortable and he could haul all his gear which enabled him to stay out in the field longer. In 2009 after spending a lot of money on plastic windshields, tops and fabric enclosure components that never lasted and always disappointed, he made an aluminum enclosure for his UTV. He used laminated safety glass for all of the viewing surfaces as all of the plastic ones he purchased in the past scratched almost immediately and were difficult to see through in low light. Many of his friends liked what he had produced and wanted one for their rides and then their friends wanted one…

And so became Alumilite Armor which has produced hundreds of enclosures for people all over North America, Canada and even a few for Central America and Europe. What makes this enclosure better than the rest? First aluminum is tough, corrosion resistant yet light-weight, giving you the ability to load more of the things you need. The tough and durable powder coat not only looks bad ass but protects against the elements no matter what kind of weather or terrain you’re riding in. The DOT certified tip out windshield will keep dirt and debris out, won’t scratch and it allow you to adjust the amount of air flow into the cab. The top, back panels and full suicide doors will snuggly fit your side by side, eliminating rattles and protecting you from the elements.

You won’t need to worry about anything flying off when trailering your side by side. All of our components are custom built by skilled craftsman using high tech equipment such as CNC cutting machines, press brakes and welding equipment. Every component is designed with reinforcing bends and welded seams to make them strong and rigid vs. many producers that use a flat sheet of material with no or very few stiffening bends in their construction. Our components install easily using roll cage clamps and anchor points already built into your UTV with no or very little drilling. Our components are made to order and can be customized to fit your needs.

Please feel free to give us a call @ 435-990-1012 or swing by if you have any questions. Alumilite Armor Is Located @ 371 East 400 North, Parowan, Utah 84761-1023

What Our Customers Say

This is what our customers say about us and our products. Alumilite Armor experience today.

Jon Hoffman

2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-3

I received my windshield/roof/back panel for my 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000-3 yesterday and installed it today. I rarely write to companies I buy from but I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the product and the entire experience from start to finish. I do some manufacturing and fabrication myself so I have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to deliver a consistently high quality product at a reasonable price, with quick delivery, especially making it in the US-- and I could not possibly be happier with or more impressed by your products. You delivered exactly as promised, when promised, and everything was packaged extremely well-- no damage. The instructions where clear and easy to follow, everything needed was included, and it fit like a dream-- no rattles whatsoever which is more than I can say for some OEM Honda items. But I'm most impressed by the engineering and design. This is no 'back yard' prototype-- every piece is beautifully formed and finished and they all fit the machine and attach to one another perfectly. There is no interference with anything and all controls and moving parts work as intended. The bed dumps perfectly with excellent clearance. The whole assembly is lightweight-- the machine did not feel top heavy or tippy at all with everything installed. The finish is perfect-- not a blemish anywhere, and looks to be quite durable. And all of this at a price which seems completely in line with the competition-- except that your products are substantially better than the competition-- and I did my homework before I bought from you. And finally, I feel great supporting a small US based business. Keep up the great work and thanks again! Best, Jon

Carl Richey

Argo 8x8

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My experience with Alumilite Armor has exceeded all expectations. I approached Alumilite earlier this year to design and build an enclosure for my Argo 8x8 amphibious vehicle. Argos are unique vehicles with unique challenges, but any concerns that I had quickly dissipated after meeting with Troy at his shop in Southern Utah. He seemed to immediately understand my goals for the vehicle and made several insightful observations. Throughout the course of the enclosure design, he continued to communicate with build ideas and prototypes. The results of his efforts are fantastic! I was so excited about the cabs that he built that I brought a local Argo dealer with me to take delivery. The cab is extremely tight with flawless gaps and smooth door, windshield, and roof operation. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and highly recommend Alumilite Armor for any UTV cabs and enclosures.

Bobby C

Honda Pioneer

Troy , What an awesome job ! Not only will it be nice in cold weather but keeps all the mud off of me and my passenger. This is how we set them up for the swamps in Louisiana!

Ronnie Baily

Honda Pioneer

Us Graffiti

Can Am Wildcat

I purchased the Roof,Front and Rear window with tinted safety glass with flip out windshield and wiper option last year. The product fits great and has zero issues. Troys engineering is world class. Packed well for shipping. Waiting patiently for the full doors for winter weather. The cab enclosure was installed on my Wildcat Trail. If you have a Wildcat Sport or Trail don't hesitate on Alumilite Armor.Made to outlast the SxS and no compromise with canvas enclosures. Well worth the investment vs easily damaged canvas/plastic enclosures. Thank you Troy for a great product and R&D.


Can Am Wildcat Sport

I have the Alumilite Armor tilt out DOT windshield with wiper, roof and rear DOT glass enclosure for my Wildcat sport. Troy is an excellent fabricator. Every weld and seam is great. Fit and finish, wrinkle powder coat, is flawless. Very happy with the enclosure. When priced compared to cloth enclosures the longevity of aluminum is a sound investment.

R Kohler

Polaris Ranger

I'm liking this. Great fit. The doors I have work for now but I'm going to be ordering the doors from you in a few months so they fit right! thanks again